19 October 2019

Reality's Edge: Sgt. Cliff and crew

Here's my first crew for Reality's Edge. I like how there'll be options to get more dudes on the team and have a roster to pick from - if ever there's too many.

I did draw up various different groups on paper before deciding on this one. I made all tricked out top loaded teams, maxed out on guys with no good gear crews. I really want to bring all the different options - though it's impossible.

In the end I've settled on this group and made sure to keep some money in the bank - for injuries and bail. Not having an idea about how the economy will work out when playing.

Meet Sgt. Dwight aka. ‘Cliff’.

My Showrunner is a battle-hardened Enforcer, former squad leader for a security firm. He got mixed up in some bad business, a really messy job. He got all over the news network and got fired, losing pension, health care, housing, pretty much everything really. Now a Media Corporation has decided to back this old Enforcer – seeing some reality star potential in the mayhem he may cause.

You can get hurt by running into him or over him – hence the nickname. I went with a sword, shotgun, some armor and chrome arms – for swinging that sword harder.

Bits: Anvil Industry arms, legs and torso (all from a black friday lucky bag). Shotgun is from a GW 40k cultist, head is freeborn from Warlord Games Gates of Antares, katana from Warlord Games Samurai.

Tayna ‘Glitch’ Tanaka
is a sprawl Ronin – street samurai – of Russian and Japanese origin. Those nations are shadows of their former self, but the culture lives on, and Tanaka has all the worst traits from both Yakazu and Bratva. A deadly melee killer, she has chrome legs, torso and arms.

Bits: Warlord Games samurai. Added chrome legs from a warlord games terminator. The head is a gw 40k Dark Eldar.

‘Circuit’ is a Console Cowboy, an essential member of any crew. ‘Circuit’ is a decent – but cheap – console cowboy. He’s a mercenary, he works where the cash is, trying any job as long as the money fits. The on-off logo on his vest represents this – he’s switched on if there’s money on the table. This Cowboy has chrome legs, all the better for running with. Despite being about hacking, you have to get to the actual terminal first to get working, and if he gets in trouble they’re great for running away.

Bits: Anvil Industry torso and kneeling legs (lucky bag). Chrome leg is a GW 40k necron leg. Pistol is Mamtic Games GCPS. The head and deck is from Anvil Industry drone commander kits (excellent bits). The computer on the arm is a bit from Warlord Games Gates of Antares freeborn.

Ina and Hogger

The last part of the roster is a couple of gangers. Cliff knows the gang from his time in security – no head feelings, money talks and this is cheap labor. Ina and Hogger are both members of Purple Haze. Not the most powerful gang, it’s a small player and can fly under the radar easier. Being blasted out on reality TV might have consequences Ina and Hogger can’t really comprehend – getting eyed by the Blue Dragon Clan perhaps. All models of the Purple Haze have sacrificed and arm to gang – so all have a chrome arm.

Bits: Base models are Warlord Games Gates of Antares Freeborn. Hogger as a hat made from a GW 40k Adeptus Mechanicus robot. His pistol is from Mantic Games Forge Fathers. The chrome arm I don't recall where getting, but the hand is Anvil Industry.
Ina has a Mantic Games GCPS pistol and a chrome arm from a Asterian Marionette. The head is from Brother Vinnis.

The Crew.