16 October 2019

Terrain: Hover Boats

I love the Fifth Element, especially the first part set on Earth. And the flying Noodle Boat is iconic to me, I've wanted to bring it into a game since I started playing Deadzone. With Reality's Edge coming out, it was the perfect time to actually make some hover boats.

I've bought some cheap wood (it's not mdf) model kits from ebay, I just did a search for 'Chinese fishing boat'. The scale is a bit off to 28-32mm gaming, but they're easy to upgrade. There's WIP shots at the end of the blog.

I've used the same flystand for both hover boats. I sawed a Mantic flier one in half, to use one for both.

Hover Taxi
Base coasted all the part with yellow spray. Added a few Ramshackle Games resin bits (excellent and cheap stuff) to make it pop a bit. Stuck on a few cocktail umbrellas - gave them a soft tone wash from Army Painter.

Found an asian looking font on the internet and made some 'taxi' signs. Also did an images search for white-black pattern and copy pasted them together in paint. The 'taxi file' is uploaded in the Cyberpunk Miniature Gaming group on Facebook.

Printed on regular paper and glued on with wood glue.

Flying Little Ramen
There's a cool scenario in Reality's Edge in which both crews try to protect a Ramen truck, going through a bad neighborhood. And this is my version of that Fifth Element ramen ship. Another Chinese fishing boat.

I've upgraded this one with some extra neon acrylic signs I had left from TT Combat food stalls. They come with two each, and on some of them I've only used one. Then I added a few 40k bits and Ramshackle Game bits.

I also didn't glue the roofs on the different sections, so that you can move models around inside the boat.

A google image search gave me different menus, that I scaled down in word and printed.

WIP photos
A few different WIP shots of the builds. Also added details to the underside of the boats. An absolute unnecessary use of time - as it'll never be seen. No matter, it's cool.