13 October 2019

Terrain: C.A.T. Terminals

These are models from Mantic Games Star Saga - I backed the kickstarter way back. I've never gotten around to playing Star Saga, but there's so many cool models in the kit (and I do love Deadzone).

Besides being terrain in Deadzone, they'll work as C.A.T. terminals in Reality's Edge. There's six of them in the Star Saga box, so that's more than enough.

This was a pretty quick paint job. I base coated in black and drybrushed with some dark metal.The screens were painted a goblin green, then I painted the white symbols and lines on top. Then last it has to layers of Vallejo fluorescent (i doesn't glow in the dark) green. The colors covers really bad, so you can still spot the lines underneath - but it does appear to have a glow.

Super quick little thing, but the color should make them stand out on the board - easy to find objectives in the games.

The console cowboy (a hacker) in my first Reality's Edge crew. This is 'Circuit' doing his thing.


  1. These look. Really great I can imagine these scattered about the tabletop.

    1. Can never have enough scatter pieces. Especially on my boards, as there's so many otherwise blank MDF sides.