24 October 2019

Terrain: Food Stalls

The moment I saw the cool food stalls from TTCombat for Infinity I had to get them. A very nice set, cheap and comes with cool acrylic pieces.

I sorted them out in sets, spray painted the back grey and the front in different colors. I wanted bright colors for my board, as these are for Cyberpunk Reality's Edge. The set comes with two sushi and two noodle restaurants.

Two of the noodle signs I saved and used on the Little Ramen - noodle hover craft. There's a bunch of small mdf vents on the kits, more than enough. So I've I've put them in different places on the roofs of the stalls.

Food market

Sushi stall 
Went for red and green on thefirst  sushi stal l. This one is open on both sides. For details I've found some sushi menus on google and printed. They are added inside and outside on the stall. Then a bit of grafitti with my Posca markers.

Noodle stall
This one is green with black details, open on both sides. I added some printed ramen menus found on google.

Sushi Stall - Panda Sushi!
I had a couple of small pandas from eBay. Wanted to use them for a small franchise. I then found a cool logo searching google for 'sushi panda'. For this stall I closed the back (the piece is easy to flip). Using a 40mm base and some Tehnolog piece I made a sushi advert. The panda sit neatly on the signs. The sushi panda logo I found online, I've then added to other pieces of terrain.

There's adverts on the monorail station and a bus stop.

Added some grafitti to this sign and made a panda mermaid.

The TTCombat busstop is a nice piece, so I added lots of grafitti and adverts to one of those. 

Noodle stall - Ramen Bucket
The two acrylic signs I saved for the noodle boat, had to be covered in some other way. I found a couple of cheap 'ramen keychains' online, some with good graphics and noodles in clear resin. Using a screw threw the roof of the stall it sits well in place.

Made another advert pole, using some scrap parts from a model warship, a 40mm base and the other keychain.


  1. Great set of food stalls. And i like the added touches. Such as the panda sushi and key chain noddles.

    1. Cheers. Lots of these cheaper MDF kits really need a bit of extra stuff added - or they are too bland.