30 November 2019

Terrain: Torii and Machiya

One of the things that make a cyberpunk board right is mixing in some asian pieces. As always the lovely TT Combat will provide cheap little pieces for something like that. So these are going into most Reality's Edge setups.

Torii Gates
These come two gates to a set. Originally these should be with round poles and you can finde those one the market - just not as cheap at these.

I base coated the gates with red and black spray before assemble. Then used a fine marker to draw up random 'asian' symbols - non of these are real. I just scirbbled randoms signs.

I also used my Posca markers to make some grafitti on the gates, a quick gang tag and a dragon pieces. Then used a few printed posters from the RE Facebook group.

Machiya Shops
A machiya is a traditional Japanese town house made of wood. I looked around on the internet for some inspirational photos and found that must are actually a dark brown wood. So I base coated mine dark brown outside, then made the inside grey.

These pieces come with a few sliding doors (that have to be glued in place). There's enough to make an open entry on the front and use the last to add detail on the back. There's also some banners with a logo on, made sure to use these in different places.

This is some nice little pieces to put next to the larger brick buildings for the mixed urban sprawl.

As with all my cyberpunk terrain I've added grafitti and posters to the buildings.

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