8 June 2020

Star Saga: Tables

Star Saga comes with a bunch of cool terrain and miniatures. Still hoping to see a terrain crate kickstarter with scifi pieces in this style.

Way back I bought a ton of small scale miniatures furniture from china. Full blog here. At that time I used some of the pieces to upgrade the tables from the Star Saga game, add a bit more life and detail to them.

Cut up some of the TV tables as seen below and used that for computer terminals.

For a game of Reality's Edge we needed some objectives to protect / smash and it was a good time to paint up these pieces. 

As with all good sci-fi I painted the screens green. Made with a goblin green base coat, then white lines for text and a layer of Vallejos flourescent paint on top. 

Last I've added a few news papers printed in a small scale, to look like reports and such.

I'm really happy with the result and I think they add way more than the plan tables they were before.


  1. Great stuff! Love the tiny details!

  2. Great effect you've managed by putting the white on top of the green. I'm a huge fan of your attention to the small details. They really make your collections come alive in the photographs.

    1. Thank you. Its part of the hobby. I also come back to finished builds sometimes, adding even more stuff.