21 June 2020

Dungeon: Tile 4 and base colors

I've made some more good progress on my modular dungeon board. I've finished up the fourth corner tile and designed them all to make a connected 2'x2' board.

Tile four
From the top this tile looks a lot like tile 3, with to large rooms and a corridor. But the placement of the entrances and doors make it different anyway. 

Also for this board I made archways at the connector points, an upgrade from the first two tile (had none) and the third (square, straight beam). 

Painting the base colors

Base colors on the dungeon board are almost done. First I made a grey mix, using a full tube of white acryllic and black, pva glue and sand measured with a spoon. I want to make the same kind of grey if needed for the other boards - if I run out. 

I made a darker grey for the floor in all the corridor areas. So however the tiles are lined up next to each other, the corridors will fit together nicely.

Then at least one room on every tile has a floor made with a brighter color, red, blue and green. Going for a bit of a Hero Quest vibe on them and breaking up the grey in grey.

Youtube and twitch
As something new, I want to make at least a hobby stream every week. I'll be streaming through the Twitch platform as it has fairly straight forward software. Please help by going in there and following the channel. 

Every live stream will be edited and cut into a youtube video - so I'll slowly be building up some terrain building content. Here's the first one (missing a bit at the start and end from technical difficulties). 

Also consider following the youtube channel.

What's next?
Next step is to add spot colors on the stone details. Make sure to pick out arch ways, door ways and stone details in the wall. And then everything needs a layer of brown wash. But that'll be in the next blog post. 


  1. Nice dungeon! Might be fiddly with the walls from time to time though...

    1. It's actually only a problem in the smallest room. And I wont make another in that size. Every where else my hands fits fine.

      But if I had to build the board all over again, I would make all walls 1,5 cm shorter.