24 June 2020

TNT: Cult of the V8 reenforcements

I've made quite a good amount of TNT warbands, to play with mates otherwise no longer invested in the hobby. It's great fun and the casual nature of the game is perfect for a good time.

The Cult of the v8 warband I've build, had some really nice rolls after a recent game. And running an all melee warband, there was soem fairly cheap options for extra crew members.

A cheap flamethrower armed soldier for the Raider faction. I made this broiler model from a 40k nurgle pox walker. I chopped off and trimmed with nurgle spikes on him. I added a head from the genestealer cult. There's a fuel cannister from the bit box and a hose made from guitar string.

Te flame and smoke at the front is made from pillow fillings and added with superglue.

A new crew option from one of the TNT expansions. The firebugs are like the sacrificial lambs of the peace keepers. These guys are cheap and armed with a huge load of gasoline. You run the towards the enemy and let them blow up in a huge ball of flame.

The plan is to soften up the enemy, before the heavy hitters of the crew move in afterwards.

The models are old restic Plague Stage 3 for Mantic Games. I've added torches made from warhammer bits. An old club with an orc pony tail on top. The molotov on the other guy is from Warlord Games ww2 Russians. Both have heads from genestealer cults. The jerry cans on their backs are resin pieces from Ramshackle Games.

Paper and super glue is one of the best things when sculpting and converting a miniature. It's super easy to add straps to a backpack, sling to a gun, hide connection points (like me making a bracer).


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    1. Thank you Skully. It's a very nice warband. Like the look of them. I think my Necromunda Goliath will be painted in the same way. That'll work. End up having a big force for something.