5 June 2020

Carve Your Oathmark

Osprey has been running a terrain competition under #CarveYourOathmark and of cause I needed to get in. 

I'm building an army of Orcs and Goblins, so I really wanted my Oathmark to look fitting for them. First I'll show the finished piece, then follow with the wip shots from the projects. Base coated the entire thing brown and then drybrushed out the details and washed the entire thing. 

My army swears their oaths of loyalty at this old tree, Every new commander bringing a defeated foe as a sacrifice, then swears the oath of loyalty to their dark lord. The ropes are all painted red, the color of my army - and symbolizing being blood bond to the dark lord.  The dirt in front of the brazier is dark red from old blood and covered in purple Deathshrouds, a flower only growing in blood soaked earth. 

The tree itself died uncounted centuries ago, but it still stands strong and doesn't rot. No tree could survive drinking the bitter blood of defeated enemies - yet nothing lingers like their feeling of hate and revenge. So for as long as oaths are sworn and enemies sacrificed the Oathmark will stand strong. 

Cut a piece of polystyrene into a decent sized hilltop. Using some branches to make roots. With a glue gun, I pieces together a few broken brances - for a nice root net. 

Using some super cheap tree armatures (I couldn't buy below 100), I made one big tree gluing them together. 

Used some hot glue to beef out the roots and hide the places where the tree pieces connect. 

Went to the bit box and found a bunch of different skeleton bits. Added a horse in there as wel. Used string and superglue to attached the bits to the tree, they won't break off. 


  1. Very characterful. I like the parts in the branches, really sets it off.

    1. Thanks. It adds a lot to those simple dead trees.

  2. That is a really nice terrain piece, it'll make a great focal point. Interesting to see how you put it together (you can clearly never have too many left over skeletons).

    1. You can never have too many skeleton bits! They're good to have for so many things!