28 June 2020

Oathmark: Goblin Spearmen and Goblin Champion

Goblin champion
I got this model to work as a goblin leader for Vanguard (planning to use the Dungeon Saga goblins and trolls). I've never gotten around to Vanguard, but I decided to paint him as a champion for my Oathmark army of greenskins. 

The miniature is actually sculpted to have a bare stomach and a smaller round plate. I didn't like that look, so decided to paint him as wearing a bigger full torso armor plate. Doesn't look as comical that way. 

Goblin spearmen
When getting in to Oathmark I decided to do the army on as low a budget as possible. So after looking in a sale group I got a huge lot of LoTR orcs. Terrible painted and some with missing heads and weapons. 

When building the models I've made sure to use as many different spears and shields as possible. Each model has a different shield. 

When painting I've made sure that each model had some red (the army color), and different brown and grey areas as well. These are not as elite as the Linebreakers, who had full red uniforms. 

When painting mono pose miniatures this is also a good way to break up the monolook. I used different browns, greys and red on different areas. Also made sure to use different hair colors and 6 different skin tones. 

In the end the regiment is a mix of GW LotR, dungeon saga and Oathmark miniatures.

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