2 November 2020

Men-at-arms and Blood Vulture

A couple of miniatures painted to play the first scenario in the Tor Varden series of Rangers of Shadow Deep. First there needed to be a blood vulture - a vulture with wing tips painted red. Corrupted servants of the Shadow Deep.

I found an old Deadzone Plague bird, lovely model I've been saving for the right thing. Painted asphalt dark grey (nearly black) and a super dark blue. The wing tips have been painted with a bright red. Then the entire model have been painted with either a blue or red wash. I think the result is nice. Though he's not really a vulture.

The scenario at the river crossing has a chance to free a men-at-arms from the Lorenthia. The country having been swallowed by the Shadow Deep. I painted up one of my Dunkeldorf Miniatures for the occasion. I added an old GW empire soldier shield to the miniature, fit perfectly.


  1. The black-red combination on tge vulture looks really good.

    1. Thank you BZ. I'm really pleased with the crimson look as well. It's a scary bird.