18 November 2020

Corp Security stage 2

After painting up my first batch of security forces for use in cyberpunk games - mostly thinking of Hardwired for these guys - I found a missing model. So I decided to paint him up, and with that guy I found some more models to paint up. Some of the missing Mazon Labs soldiers from Star Saga. So could as well paint those at the same time. 

So in the end I had 14 stage 2 security troopers more than before. More than enough. But I've also completed that part of the Star Saga core box. So that's cool. 

A single stage 1 trooper, regular security. This was the missing guy. But then I also found this robot with big guns and shields. He looks like a cool entry bot. He'll walk in front, entering buildings and taking all the fire. 

Next up was some more regular marines. Had only painted a few of these for use in Deadzone. Fairly simple models to paint, I like the scale - big and easy. So when they're all the same uniforms and only in three different poses - then only way to make difference is with skin colors. So been using lots of nuances here.

Last is the remaining rangers from Star Saga. Cool elite troopers. Also comes with three flamethrowers - so you know when these are deployed things are bad. Made for cleaning of research stations. But in the Hardwired expansion there's rules for teardrop template weapons.

And my completed Stage 1 and Stage 2 security foce - getting rather big. From lightly armored security troopers to fully armored rangers and big robots. And I even still have a tank and too hover police cars to paint up for them.