9 November 2020

Star Saga: Goliath, Scuttlers and Inkers

The Star Saga Goliath was a big mosnter (and expansion) unlocking way back at the very end of the kickstarter campaing. The model is a huge, nasty clunk of alien plastic - a really great monster I think. 

I've never really gotten around to playing Star Saga, but the miniatures are ace and I'm using them for all manner of stuff. I stille play Deadzone sometimes, so he goes in there as well. But this guy I decided to paint up for the This Is Not A Test expansion - It Came From The Waste. 

In this expansion the warbands need to fight giant monsters - all with the strength of an entire warband.

There's a battle report using the model right here.  

It was really quick for me to paint the beastie. I base coated the entire model alien purple with a spray can. The armored areas where done with a greyish bone color. Then the rest of the models was actually done with several layers of washes. The bone areas were washed with strong tone. 

The skin and tentacles were washed with purple and blue washes. Some areas got more layers for a darker color. I've also gone over some areas with gloss varnish for a wet look.

Can't really recall the members of these little guys. But there's some small quick looking things and a bunch of ink spurting things. I gave my Behemoth the spawn rule in TNT, so it had to have some offspring to let loose during battle. 

This small ones were done as the Goliath. Purple base coat and lots of washes. 

And a small family photo of the entire nasty gang.

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