31 October 2020

Zona Alfa: Bandit Leader

The Zona Alfa Facebook community is super active and author Patrick Todoroff is making some good competitions over  there. There's been a 'make a single human miniature' competition and I decided to enter.

The model is made with Warlord Games bits. Legs, AK and head are from the modern military sprue. The torso and pistol arm is from the zombie survivors. The backpack is a Warlord Games ww2 sprue bit. The straps on the AK and backpack are made from thin paper.  He has a respirator in the belt, resin from Anvil Industry.

The colors on the model are inspired from two different bandits from the Stalker PC game.


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    1. Thank you. Using paper and super glue for straps is such a good trick.