30 November 2020

TNT: Hunt for the Dungerdon part 1

It's time for another game of This Is Not A Test. In this game my mutant cannibals are taking on a group of caravanners. This guy is played with Mr. Malcontent from the Miniatorium painters twitch. Torben is a super good guy, that I've gotten to know through the Discord community. Go check out his stuff, it's awesome. 

This game was the first time meeting in real life after Covid closed down Denmark. And we wanted to play a quick TNT mini campaign. In this first scenario the groups are hunting for clues to a lair of a huge behemoth class monster - a Dungerdon! 

On one side is a group of mutant cannibals, on a hunting mission to get some fresh meat for the winter. The other side is Mama Stirling and her band of caravanners - they're just in it for the money. 

We setup a board to look like a small dusty town at the edge of a desert. Lots of rusty scrap around, brown, dead colors. It's a nice looking board. The objective is to collect clue tokens that will both give some extra caps and clues to where the big Dungerdon is located

My small family of mutant cannibals setup in a couple of groups. On one side the first born and he mongrel dogs would run ahead and eat the enemy from one flank. At the center MawMaw would protect the psycho Tiny and two degenerates, full on attack. On the right flank the youngins with ranged weapons would take up position. 

On the board from the start was three smaller Dungers, offspring from the big one we were hunting. These monsters wasted no time charging ahead and trying to stomp the caravanners. 

It's part of the mechanics, that they charge the nearest enemies. And the caravan crew got the first go and went full steam ahead, so dungers incoming for them.

The enemy, being rich from all the trade, is armed with a lot of shooters - no pure melee fighters on that team. So all my melee oriented troopers tried to stay in cover, sneak ahead, until it was time to attack. ... unfortunately a lot of them are raged filled psychos that might just storm ahead of the group and attack random things. 

A crossbow armed youngin taking cover near a building, in a nice position to shoot a both Mama Stirling the enemy leader and their sniper taking position on a roof opposite the road. 

This caravan sniper spend the first couple of turns getting into the perfect shooting position on top of a building, in cover behiv a giant billboard. 

Having been distracted by the straight on dunger charge, my plan to attack the flank works and a mongrel makes it across the board and into melee combat. Quickly forcing a young rank and file caravanner to the ground.

The big dude, a mutant from a local clan, has moved in and done quick work of a small dunger - smashing it to pulp and gore.

This little youngin doesn't want to leave cover, but he's the only family member close to some of the loot and clues, so he takes a trip into the open. ... a dangerous one. 

Tiny showing respect for all the enemy guns is moving ahead slowly, staying out of sight or at least in cover. There's a lot of open ground to cover.

The crazy degenerates are not as safe playing, and they have to stay in the open, in hopes of getting anywhere really. Otherwise they were never gonna make it into combat with the enemy.

Mama Stirling herself, armed with a deadly plasma pistol, staying in cover but getting out to delivery some deadly heated death.

A generate little brother has made it across the board, hoping to bring down the caravan leader, in cover from the sniper on the roof. ... he doesn't make it and is cooked by the deadly plasma. The black die if the clue marker we are trying to get.

Having bashed down that dunger, the big mutant envoy and a generate reach one of the clues at the same time. It turns out to be a fairly uneven math-up and the tiny degenerate is crushed into the ground.

The first mongrel is killed of by the caravanners and it's even without taking out the girl it attacked. The next mongrel, staying in cover is also trying to get across, but he's hit pretty badly from all the opposing firepower.

Meanwhile the firstborn is trying to get across, he's a beast in melee combat - but not worth much if blown apart on the way to his objective. 

The sniper on the roof and MawMaw is in a shootout, taking turns firing at each other. MawMaw despite having a bad rifle and not being a very good shot, gives a few good hits - but doesn't cause any damage.

Now Tiny has made it across the road and into combat with the big mutant. This is a much more even fight and filled with rage from losing his little brother, Tiny is able to bring down the mutant with his heavy poisoned clever.

And then it happens that the first borns loses his temper, he's crazed and rampages across the board. So close and having stayed in cover most of the time. A bad roll, he rushes forward and is in the open - so close to making it into melee combat. Now he's target practice.

Good Xp for the caravanners, blasting the poor first born child of MawMaw to pieces.

And that's it for the game... lots of shooting. The mutant cannibal family is blown apart, MawMaw is hiding, staying safe. Looking at all her children wounded on the battlefield. The caravanners take up the clues to the Dungerdon lair and moves away. MawMaw can then go and check the wounds of her children.

The caravanners roll good on the few injury rolls they have to make, nothing bad happens to them. They make off with a good amount of caps and even find some new plasma weapon relics for the warband. A very strong start for Mama Stirling and here crew. 

My mutant cannibals roll terribly. I never really got around to figuring out this team. ... and I roll so many dead characters, left and right. The family is decimated, there's no way to come back from all the dead guys on the team. MawMaw returns to the wasted. But the family will again become a thread to anybody in state. 

This is the permanent end of the Wastebog Family. Even after playing four games with the team, they never once had enough money to expand their crew. Always only able to cover their losses - no more. With Tiny the Psycho, the Firstborn and even some youngins dead - there's no way back.