11 May 2020

RoSD: Bloodmoon

After a mission into an infested forest - our group of rangers were moving towards a new destination. But on the way a group of auxiliary troops asked them for help. There had been a werewolf attack at a nearby manor house. 

My Frostgrave terrain have been put aside for far too long, so when this scenario called for a manor - I had to use it. Made a setup based on the scenario description. A lake with a boat, a wagon, small forest (made it a park) and a barn. And the big manor house in the corner. The mat is from Ceri Designs, who's unfortunately out of business now. 
And for this scenario we also needed four auxiliary companions, that I kit bashed from stuff in the garage. 

The first couple of turns
The group of rangers divided to split up early on. As both my son's and my own ranger have a lot of recruitment points, we could bring along some heavy hitting companions in this scenario. A knight and a templar joined the group. One group would to towards the barn and take out all the flies. The other group would move towards the park and try to take out rats and wolves. 

We didn't really take into consideration the 'all monsters can draw line of sight all the time' and we quickly got into combat with all of them. But besides taking a few wound, we managed to take out the flies with easy. 

While moving around the lake my ranger Haelga got attacked by a swamp zombie. The Shadow Deeps magic is spilling evil magic over the land. At some point there's been a body dumped in the lake and it's now reanimated. Climbed out of the water, right next to Haelga. 

Seb, the woodcutter turned soldier, ran towards the lake and boat bridge. While other troops was clear to check out other clue markers. We might have made a mistake in the scenario, as I'm actually unclear if the auxiliary companions can check out the clue markers. Never mind that. 

Nicolan the noble brat checked out the clues near the statue, as the wolf had run towards the heavier soldiers and fought them. The start seemed fairly smooth, not too much hard combat going on. 

After taking out the wolf, zombie and some rats from the cart, I had made some bad rolls. Both my ranger Haelga and the templar had already taken some nasty wounds - and that's before encountering the real danger. So this was a bit of a concern. But time always being of importance, the group hadn't sticked together. And perhaps I should have listened to the old advice 'don't break up the party'. 

On the other side of the lake, the knight and Covin wasw clearing out some small critters as well. But on this side as well, that little nasties was deadly fierce as well. Lots of wounds coming in on the rangers. 

Seb checking out the clues in the boat on the lake. Now lots of these clues points towards some of the auxiliary companions - on of them might actually be a werewolf. 

The cart turned out to be safe, as the nasty little rats ran towards certain death right away. 

The events in the game brings out some nice surprises, but non seemed to dangerous in this game. A werewolf got into play in the mansion house, but couldn't get out to us. So we had good time to clean up the entire mansion grounds, before entering the house with the entire warband. 

The first werewolf, the monster the warband is here to hunt. It's still roaming around inside the mansion, ready to slaughter what or who ever it can find. 

After killing everything outside and searching all the clues available, the warband surrounded the mansion. We decided that a strength skill check was needed to break through into the house. There was two possible entries. The plan was to gang up on the werewolf, to get enough support bonus to take it out quickly.  

The plan was a success. The rangers and their companions swarmed inside the house. The surrounded werewolf (and a few flies that spawned from a corpse) did manage to wound a few soldiers and the templar lost his life. But it was brought down and there was safe and quite to search the clues inside the house. 

The group managed to save a good amount of civilians and the were send to a corner to stay out of harms way. The farmer from the barn was set to protect the woman and children. 

We might have played something in the scenario wrong, I don't know. But at this point there was no enemies left on the board, we've searched all the clue markers and there was still only one werewolf on the table. I think the point of the scenario is for one of the auxiliaries  to turn into a werewolf, but there were all still missing a lot of points - and we were about to redraw events. 

So we just placed the last werewolf randomly on the board and prepared to fight and kill it. 

And after a few round of combat the beast was slain. And as it's clear from the below photo, the warband had taken a lot of damage in the scenario. But besides the templar all the warband members survived and some of the auxiliaries will join the band in future adventures. We even got our hands on some nice silver weapons. 

Not the warband and the rangers were ready to continue their journey towards the old watch tower called Tor Varden. 


  1. I'm guessing you were totaling the points for each different auxiliary companion, when you are supposed to just keep a running tally, and when that tally crosses 10, the specified auxiliary companion is revealed as the werewolf (thus it should be impossible to search all the clues and not uncover the second werewolf). Still, hope you enjoyed it!

    1. Yup! That's the thing right there. I've even read the rules a few times. Missed that.

      It was a great game, enjoyed it at lot. Looking forward to Tor Varden now.

    2. You are not the only one to make the mistake, which probably shows it is not written as clearly as it should be.