31 May 2020

Oathmark: Orc Linebreakers and Spellcaster

So my plan for Oathmark is to make a complete orc and goblin army. To not sink to much money into the army, I'm planning to use a lot of second hand miniatures and conversions. 

Recently found a single box of stuff in the garage that wasn't organised into my system. This was a surprise. All my other miniatures are sorted in settings, sprues, projects etc. Super clean system. The box had a bunch of old Games Workshop stormvermin and a plastic giant. 

Originally the plan was to turn these stormvermin into hobgoblins. But thaose days are long past. Now I'm into Oathmark, building a rank and file army - something I had not thought I would ever do again. 

Orc Spellcaster
I got this Mantic Games orc godspeaker from Ebay. He was meant as a support for a KoW: Vanguard orc warband (using the Dungeon Saga miniatures). Now he's a spellcaster in my force of greenskins. I really dig this model, it's a great design. Not bugged down by too many trinkets. He looks like a wizard - and that's nice. Not going for that GW shaman vibe.

The model comes with a severed head bit and a helmet head. But I chose the less bloody option. Gonna use the head and helmet head for a conversion somewhere else. 

Orc Linebreakers
Linebreakers are cool! I used some of those old storm vermin I found on a sprue. With clever use of glue the Oathmark goblin heads fit right onto the models. The it was just a manner of cutting of those rat tails. 

For painting I've made sure to paint the orc as if they're wearing boots (thought the models are bare footed). I think of this regiment as elite troopers in the army. So to show that I've made all their cloth red (been using two different nuances). My other regiment have browns and greys mixed in - to show their lower rank. 

For the skin color I've been using 6 different nuances of green, just a small way to add variety. The halberd shafts also have three different colors used on them. 

Every model have white warpaint and the banner has the Eye of the Overlord and some mountains.

Here's some photos better showing the various models in the unit. 

The Army
Here's the army so far. 


  1. That's pretty remarkable! Did you start this project after finishing the last bit of Hardwire? Because if so that's an incredible turn around. I can't believe how good of an orc those rat torsos make!

    1. The blog really don't showcase the order I finish stuff in. I have some blogs that are 1 year old not posted yet. I tend to post in theme, leading up to a battle report etc.

      But here in May I've managed to finish
      22 - Oathmark orcs
      7 - Aliens
      14 - Cyberpunk Corp-Sec
      So that's pretty high.

    2. As crazy as out situation is right now, it's been pretty conducive for hobby!