4 May 2020

Blue Sun flier

This is the enforcer flier from the Mantic Games Warpath kickstarter. I went in on the KS to get more models for Deadzone and some cool vehicles for sci-fi and cyberpunk games.

At first I couldn't really decided which colors to paint this flier, so that it would have the maximum possible uses. In the end I've gone with the blue / white color scheme.

First up my Mazon Labs security troopers are blue and white. I'll be using these a lowly rent-a-cops and tier 2 security in Hardwired.

The other reason I've gone for this color scheme is to fit the other Blue Sun stuff I've made, having already build a Blue Sun tuk-tuk.

This is a nice and bulky model, one of those that the kids can play with, without any fear it might get broken by it.

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