21 May 2020

Hardwired: First four agents

Hardwired is a small solo/coop skirmish game, written my Patrick Todoroff who's also written Zona Alfa. In the game you control a small group of elite corporate agents. So I picked out four cool models from Human Interface, painted them up an decided to find some fitting stats afterwards.

Non of the models have any conversions, they're all vanilla. I did make sure to used some funky colors and camo schemes to make the models stand out, using lots of colored washes from Army Painter. 

Strike Team Alfa - the first team. 

Specialization protocol: Sawbones

The team medic and support grenade type. 

Specialization protocol: Ronin

Ranged combat specialist, armed with a heavy weapon.

Specialization Protocol: Ronin

Ranged combat specialist armored with a shotgun. 

Specialization protocol: Splicer

A combat hacker with attack software, crucial part of the team.

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