24 August 2020

TNT: Against the Behemoth

I've been lucky enough to read and play test the behemoth expansion for This Is Not A Test - a nice job to have. The expansion lets you put behemoth creatures on the board. Huge monster that'll be a huge challenge to bring down. It Came From The Wastes is out now from World's End Publishing. 

On of the scenarios in the expansion is a solo scenario. For it you'll need some chits for behemoth activation. I made some fitting tokens with game-tokens, printet then on both sides and laminated them. 
The tokens will show if the behemoth will move, use ranged attack, fight in melee or use a sepecial attack. 

The behemoth for this scenario is the Star Saga Nameless Goliath, a huge chunk of plastic taken up an entire 3" cube in Deadzone. I gave the behemoth a good amount of wound, tentacles for climbing walls with no penalties, the ability to throw cars, regerate and spawn small critters. Seemed fitting for this slimy squid like monster. 
The setup for this scenario is some classic americana suburbia. White picket fence and all that jazz. Story is astroid hit the area and some crazy above normal spikes of radiation has occured in the area. Now the Common Order Peace Keepers have taking on a job to move into the area and investigate rumors of a weird monster. 

At the center of town a lot of supplies have been scattered after the behemoth has been smashing up a caravan. The peace keepers are setup on three different sides of the board, the behemoth is on the last side. Plan is to get in, take out the behemoth and secure as many supplies as possible. 

I've split up my peace keepers on three flanks, roughly equal strength on all sides. The outrider used his scouting ability to take up cover on top of a house, long distance from the behemoth. 

The behemoth looking into town, ready to head back in and smash up more stuff. The smell of fresh meat in the air. 

I've gone for very big beasts for my behemoth models. This dude wouldn't even fit into the garage of the suburban house if he tried.

The outrider secure in his sniper position on the roof of a house. In the far distance the behemoth is visible through the scope on his rifle. 

The plan was pretty simple. The three sacrificial lambs in the warband would run in, tie the behemoth up in melee combat. Every other member of the warband would be shooting everything they had at the Goliath monster. Should the prisoners be knocked down - no problem! Pull the trigger and explode the collars and hope to wound the goliath.

Making sure to keep distance between warband members. The Goliath should not be able to hit more than one guy with an area effect attack. Stay in cover and spread out - ready to hammer it with bullets from all sides. 

The line breaker is able to take a severe beating, he's heavily armored and strong. He would be getting some supplies, nevermind him being close to the monster. He was supposed to get the pay day. The leader of the warband is right behind him, armed with a fully charged laser carbine.

Another small team moving into position. A prisonal armed with a two handed chainsaw and an officer with assault riffle. 

Right from the start of the game, the goliath moves forward and I pull a special action from the bag. From somewhere on the slimy alien a small spawn squid crawls forward. A gross little thing, needing to be taken out. 

The small squid creature crawls towards an officer armed with a shotgun and he wastes no time emptying a couple of shells into the monster.

With one of its strong tentacles the monster picks up a car and throws it at the highest valued enemy - my leader. Crash! Luckily no bad damage is done to him, but there's suddenly a car blocking the way for my line breaker, time for him to crawl. 

Despite being close to his target and armed with a shotgun, the officer was unable to blast the alien offspring apart and it creeps closer.

Perhaps it's just bad luck, beacuse there's less special tokens than the others. But the goliath monster spawns more offspring and it squirms right at a sacrificial lamb and brings him down. Purple squid like monsters left and right, I fear this will be a tough battle. 

A top down view of the battle field. The plan was to draw the monster close to the center, kill it with overwhelming firepower... That plan goes down the drain when there a stream of new little buggers to kill. 

The little new born aliens are terribly dangerous and my officer with a shotgun is brought down as well. Time to pull the first bomb collar trigger! Unfortunately the blast only takes out one of the little monsters, the second one survives. 

The generation ability of the monster turns out deadly. When the behemoth class monsters loose wounds, they also loose their action points. But despite blasting loads of high caliber rounds into the beast, I can't break effectively through the armor and only take away around a wound pr turn - so that's just regenerated. ...

Suppplies would have to wait, pick them up if time was for it. Every single melee combat soldiers was jumping into the fight in order to help bringing the beast down. Meanwhile it kept throwing cars at my leader, regenerating wounds and spawning little beasts.

Slowly the monster starts picking off and wounding all the lawmen. All the Sacrificial Lambs are down, the leader is taken out by the constant barrage of thrown cars. Nothing seems to strong enough to wound the behemoth. It's time to get out, the remaining troopers fall back. 

By the end only the Line Breaker is still fighting, the remaining troopers have turn tail and run. I've managed to kill off lots of goliath spawn - but this beast is still roaming in this part of the wasteland. Nothing to do about that - this time at least. ... Mark it off. This is a bad place. 

Well... that was freaking brutal. But it was also a play test game. Had the Goliath not had the regeneration ability, the game would have been close. Even with a bit more luck, a plasma gun or a rocket launcher - things might have been different. And the spawn ability was very nasty. ... those two combined added a lot of extra wounds to the enemy side. 

Luckily for the team - the only real damage was a couple of Banged Up characters. I still made some good experience during the mission, though no real loot or barter script was secured. No deaths and some new experience - that's a success.  

Based on the input from this scenario a few tweaks were added to It Came From The Wastes - and it's always good to help out! 

I now have two other behemoths to fight. A big mutated mammuth beast and a huge stompy robot with freeze ray and laser! Kill them another time. 

Thanks for reading! 

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Here's my updated TNT map, with this battle added to it. 


  1. Wow, nice batrep and a great table!

    1. Thank you Skully. Lots of TNT stuff on the blog. I also make step-by-steps for most my terrain posts.

  2. Awesome looking game! I really like the abandoned look of the terrain! :-)

    1. Cheers! I'm very happy with my post apocalyptic wasteland!