10 October 2020

Dungerdon - from Ramshackle Games

I've been eyeing the gigantic Dungerdon from Ramshackles for years and I really like the smaller dungers. Excellent little creatures. 
I bought the Dungerdon back during Covid19 when lots of smaller businesses got hit, and I decided to spend some of my cash buying stuff from them. So here's the Dungerdon - the biggest piece of resin I own. 

This model will be used in This Is Not A Test as a behemoth class creature, with the It Came From The Wastes expansion. But I haven't put any post apocalypse scrap on the base, so me might also make it into Oathmark with some goblins on his back. 

The model comes with a lot crew barbarians, platforms, throne and another face (fits over the first one) with chains and a handler. 

For painting I base coated the model brown (after a good wash in soapy water). Chose different browns, charcoal, greys and bone colors to paint him up. Lots of drybrushing and then layers of wash. Using both strong and dark tone to give him different shades of darkness.

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