1 February 2021

Frostgrave: Vapor Snakes/Mana Worms and Ballista II golems

 Having started to play through Perilous Dark in solo mode, I need some new monsters for the Frostgrave bestiary. 

I've played through the first scenario: Writhing Fumes. This blog is about the monsters I made for that one. 

Ballista II golems

I've already build a medium golem on the base of old Chaos Warriors. I decided to use some more for the Ballista II golems to have a similar design. I chopped off some of the big chaos symbols and skulls, to clean them up a bit. I then added those big old dwarf crossbows.

To give them a construct look, I've added lots of small clock gears and cogs. And chopped up a space marine backpack to make exhausts on the models back. 

For painting these guys I gave them a brown base coat. Then I went over them with a metal drybrush for some chipping in the rust. Then added just a few extra colors here and there. The smoke from the exhaust pipes are made from teddy bear stuffing. 

Vapor Snakes
My vapor snakes are bought from CP Models. Cheap little tentacle monsters. I've been looking for an excuse to buy some models from CP, so this was that excuse. The models themselves are 'just' sculpted with the Green Stuff World roller tool, but they look fine. 

I painted mine blue for a magical monster look. I base coated with two different kinds of blue, so they are lighter on the downside. Then washed them with blue wash. 

Added some fumes or fog with teddy bear stuffing. These monsters are gonna double duty as mana worms for the later scenario.


  1. Pretty dang creative. Great looking models!

  2. Nice work. I really enjoy Frostgrave and the 2nd edition is even better.

  3. I love those constructs, they look really good!