7 May 2018

Frostgrave: Constructs

The constructs I'm using for Frostgrave is mostly bit box finds (as so much of the bestiary).

The small constructs are made from sculpting armatures I once got in a trade. I just added a small gear to the back of them and they were ready.

The medium construct is an old Games Workshop Chaos Warrior - really ugly models, if supposed to look like living humans. But with a few gears and an exhaust pipe it's a good robot. The exhaust if cut from a space marines power backpack.

These were just base coated brown and had some iron drybrush and bronze details.

The large construct is an unconverted Reaper Bones golem. I think it's a lovely simple sculpt and it was nearly free.

Background: Frozen Trees and Broken Walls.

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