17 August 2020

Frostgrave: Perilous Dark - Writhing Fumes

 And so it came to be! Frostgrave 2nd edition arrived. I've been looking forward to it for a long time. And keeping in with my 2020 Year of the Solo Game plan, I'm getting straight into the Perilous Dark campaign. A video of the first scenario Writhing Fumes are down the page. But first the warband introduction. 


For this campaign I've made a new warband. A dwarf enchanter and some trust companions. 

In the middle raising his tankard is Orlaf Tungsten - dwarf enchanter. And next to him is Bjornulf the Fair (his apprentice) and Captain Grimeye smoking a pipe. 

His spells are: Animate Construct (failed before first game), Enchant Weapon and Strength. For beefing up the team. Then he's bringing Summon Animal (failed), Write Scroll (made an elemental bolt), Heal, Elemental Bolt and Leap. 

The rest of the starting warband from the left is: Siguard (thug prospector), Arn (thug from the old days), Haralf Oaken (crossbowman), Birch (bowman), apprentice, wizard, captain, Ulrich Darkiron (infantryman), Birger (thugh) and Soot (thief). 


I've setup the board according to the perilous dark description. A blocked archway in one corner (the entry to a weapon factory) is the goal. Five spawn points for Vapour Snakes (the discs) and two Ballista II golems. The rest of the board is covered in ruins and scatter. 

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The Game

Check out the entire game here. Since this is the first video with Frostgrave, there a tiny bit of rules talking at the beginning and of cause there's campaign rolls at the end. 

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