25 January 2021

Oathmark: Goblin Archers and Wolf Rider Scouts

Orc or goblin archers 

First little regiment of archers have been added to my army. Goblin archers are really terrible, so as long as it's only a 10 man unit I think it'll be orcs. As with all regiments in this army it's a mix of whatever various models I had around and have bought for cheap. So mostly LotR and North Star models for this one here.

I'm unsure of the best size for archer regiments. I've build 30 archer models, for 3 regiements of 10 or 2 regiments of 15. 

As with all the monoposers I've made sure to mix up the colors. Different skin tones, hair colors. Using grey, brown and red in different locations. 

Anoterh example of trying to add variation through color. Also made sure to use different tufts on the bases. 

A couple of North Star goblins as well. 

For the banner I've gone with the regular theme. Skull, orange and symbols. I've added mountains as it's a theme throughout the army. Because this is an archer regiment, I've paid a small bow and arrows on the banner. 

Wolf rider scouts
I really like the wolf rider models. Only iffy thing about them is the design of the wolves. The wolfs are two sides and don't mix. Three wolf models on each sprues. I would have liked a design, that hide the seam better. Especially the one on the head. 

Unlike most regiments in the army, this is pure North Star miniatures. But I've upgraded with some 'better' bits from the box. Quivers from other miniature lines have much more detail. The banner is from the old Empire GW flagellants kit. Perfect for cavalry, as the scout can still fire his bow. 

1000+ pts army
The first little real army of just over 1000 points. Lovely to have an army done, wanting it to grow even more over time. 


  1. I often see interesting games on your blog that are new to me but your Oathmark stuff has convinced me to give this one a try.

    1. Awesome to hear that! Oathmark is a really nice little system, really looking forward to playing more of it when all the Covid madness is finally over.

  2. Maybe some armor on the wolf head to hide the seam? Like this guy, but more pointy and evil:


    1. That's a good idea. I was considering doing some armor plating of just more fur. But in the end, I just wanted the models on the table with minimal work.

  3. They look awesome! Yes, the wolves are not the best parts of the Oathmark line... The variety is a bit underwehlming (Why not combinable left and right sides, as by many horse miniatures? Even the metal chatacters have the same posed wolves...), the seam lines areally bad at the heads (took tons of milliput to fix, as good as I was able to) and I miss the fur texture on the body... But still, with riders on them, they look good.

    1. The flat wolf sides looked better than I had anticipated when first getting them (still a weird design choice though). ... but that assembly in the head. That's poor design, full blown.