26 July 2022

Guilders - The Guild of the Magi

 Here's another guild painted for Guilders: A Life In Shadows. This Guild has been build for my solo games (that you can find over on YouTube). This was also a good excuse for using a lot of various miniatures. I decided to go with the same color scheme for them, figuring it'll make it a bit easier during the videos. 

The leader os this guild is a Hedge Mage, starting with a few spells. His entire entourage is more that, than an actual guild. He is the top dog and eveybody else is beneath him. An arrogant man. 

Master Darkriver and Ulac
Master Darkriver is the guild master. An arrogant man and a talented hedge mage. Both his starting skill points are invested in cantrips. He can control crowds and absorb sound. 

Ulach is a half-orc pit fighter, that Darkriver bought free from slavery. After that she's fiercely loyal and his enfocer in the guild. The mini is actually an elf barbarian.

Both miniatures are from Blacklist Miniatures Fantasy Series 1.

Three Theives
The female thief goes under 'Offspring' and is the non-talented daughter of the guild master. In the middle is Karl and brutish thief with no finesse. The last cloaked guy is Umbridge. 

Offspring and Umbridge are from Massive Darkness. Offspring is a 'classic' fantasy miniature showing a huge amount of boob. Never liked that. I painted here chest as covered in a shirt and her legs with pants. Though the model is clearly designed for bare skin. 

Karl is a minaiture from Dunkeldorf. 

Street Urchin
These are excellent characters. Very cheap for the guild and can stay out of trouble. Both are Dunkeldort minaitures. They're named 'Stick' and 'Dung'. 

The tinkerer, crone and scum
I wanted a tinkerer for my guild, to gain all those extra free gadgets to use during Heists. His name is Tanner. The old crone is an Alchemist for free potions and a doctor. The dohn't pack any punch, but for a solo campaign I want the items and utility. Then they act as pack mules and carry stuff off the board. 

The scum is called Lemmy, armed with a crowbar for smashing doors and creating distractions. All minaitures are Dunkeldorf. 

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