19 July 2022

Terrain: Fully painted 3'x3'

 I've finally taken some photos of my entire 3'x3' city setup. I've finished enough kits and scatter to really fill out the board. Should have enough stuff to hit 4'x6' when (in years) it's all done. 

For now I'm really please with having a fully painted board for all the Guilders: A Life In Shadows stuff. 

There's step-by-step blog for most on this over here and many buildings are covered on YouTube as well. 

And here's a bunch of photos from a setup of all the terrain. 

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  1. You should be very proud - that’s quite the achievement to make it look so good and thematically work as a tabletop. Staying focussed long enough to get it all done is something that escapes most of us despite our best intentions, so well done indeed!

    1. Thank you very much Jamie. It's also taken a year of hobby work to get here (I alwyas have periods where this hobby is on the backburner). But it was important to me, to have a fully painted board for showing off and playing the game.