29 July 2022

Thaumaturge reinforcements: Bear and crossbowmen

 For my thaumaturge warband I made a few reinforcements. The warband is a band of witch hunters, who's entering Felstadt to save it from bad magic. Here's the original full warband

Crossbow armed shooters are more in line with the theme than bows, I've made these with Oathmark humans, and warhammer bits (probably Empire and Brettonia). I've also painted them in the colors I'm using for my Guilders: A Life In Shadows and Oathmark humans. Same army and it'll let me reuse many miniatures across that. 

I also gave these guys swords (so they can work as marskmen) and backpacks. My frostgrave soldiers are always carrying all manner of gear. 

Bears! I love summon animal, it's my favorite spell. All my wizards tend to have it and gain some thematic bears. I wanted to paint one for if the apprentice (however unlikely) succeeds in summoning one. These are huge scifi bears from Ramshackle Games. I've filed off the scifi tubes and integrated rider legs.

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