3 June 2023

Guilders: A Tavern Brawl

 This game of Guilders was played a long time ago, back in Februart 2023 (blogpost written in start June). So I really can't remember the details of the game, should have written a battle report right after the game. But that's how it goes. Enjoy some pictures instead.

This was also the last game we played with some 10+ game guilds. We felt it was about time to paint some new guilders and start from scratch, as we've tweaked many rules since their inception. 

The goal of this scenario is to infiltrate a tavern. The rooms are magically sealed and the keys must be stolen from nobles wandering the streets. 

This was also an excuse to upgrade my TTCombat tavern with some interior. 

Our guilds at this point were very experienced, and that led to us often taking a very direct route and chosing violence over stealth. Resulting in a lot of generated alarm around the board.

Guilders: A Life in Shadows is a 28mm skirmish campaign game, it's miniatures agnostic - so use whatever you find cool. There's large TTRPG elements to the campaign part of the game. You play as thief guilds trying to make it in a big city. There's rules for civillians and guards, that the game controls based on player actions. 

You can find the beta rules (and a Lite version), starting warbands and similar stuff right here: Google Drive.

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