7 June 2023

Terrain: Dungeon And Lasers market pieces

 Archon Studios and their Dungeons And Lasers kickstarters are absolutely insane. I backed D&L III kickstarter right after starting writing Guilders: A Life In Shadows. Which gave a ton of miniatures and ideas for different scenarios and instances. 

There was a nice amount of market place pieces in the kickstarter, I've painted them up with lots of bright colors to add life to the city board. 

All my fantasy city terrain is collected here

The market stall is a nice little piece. It is however rather low, so I might add a few cork stones to raise it up around 1cm. I've seen other people do this and it works nicely.

I painted all these with Speed Paint for the over saturated look and brightness. Then gave them some layers of matt varnish, because that speed paint rubs off too easy I think. 

The cart with all manner of wares is really nice as well, so is the wheel barrel thing. I deliberately went for very different colors on the stand and the cart. I remember I had this civilian guy painted i yellow and green, figured he'd make a good merchant. So a cart in the same colors is pretty nice. 

I found it a bit hard to make out the details on all the stuff in that barrel. And it is a weird way to pack you stuff. But in the end, having a bunch of different colors in there makes it pop nicely. 

The outhouse is a fun little miniature, though I hink it has a bit much of greenery on it. After painting some other wagons, I think it looks awesome with colors on it. But this blue is a bit too bright, so I'll probably tone it down with a layer of brown wash. 

The pig is from Dunkeldorf Miniature, Big Bruno. It's a miniature invented for a Warhammer RPG campaign, then turned miniature and also written in as an event in Guilders. 

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