10 June 2023

The Glottkin

 My kid has always been allowed to play with my miniatures. They see way more use that way and they're easy to fix. Most of my collection is plastics anyway and they're all good. 

Obviously my kids love big guys and he's a fan of Nurgle (I painted a small Death Guard force back in the day). For yule he really wanted the Glottkin, but had no interest in the riders on top (great for me, I love those two dudes). I found this miniature used, for very cheap. It was already basecoated, so I just went amok with a bunch of speed paint. 

After speed painting I added a lot of slime and blood effects, I also added lots of gloss varnish, to make him kind of shiney. 

Easy enough paint job and he's good an gross - he's eaten a lot of imperial knights.


  1. What a great gribbly beast. I suspect would be great for Doomed.

  2. Yep, it is out next month I think from Osprey. Skirmish level scifi where you face off against weird and wonderful monsters.

    1. Haven't heard about it. Gonna have to check it out!