14 June 2023

RoSD: Spiders and Giant Rats

 So for a recent replay of RoSD "The Missing" I needed more giant rats and spiders. We were playing four guys over Discord / Twitch and the upgraded multiplayer rules calls for more monsters. 

I went into the bit box and picked out all the giant rats I had in it. There's rats from Skaven kits, Terrain Crate and the old Warhammer Quest.

So I grouped them up on bases, to make something closer to swarms - or at least with two rats on one base. It's a trick I've seen don by others, but it really adds a lot. 

These spiders I've had lying around for a long time. I wanted to use these spiders for addign extra to the bigger ones I already have. So will be adding these to the bases of Wargames Atlantic spiders for example. 

Being small toys, they're still decent. Quick base coat, some bright spot color and static grass as hair. It's the quickest and nastiest way to gross up a spider - add static grass hair to it. With these, I'm pretty much set for spiders and rat for all manner of skirmish games.

Then again, these critters are in all the fantasy games out there.

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