24 September 2020

Preview: Nightwatch - solo fantasy game - youtube

 I sat down with a good cup of coffee and flipped through Nightwatch - terror and treasure in the dark corners of the world. 

Nightwatch is based on the same core mechanics as the cyberpunk game Hardwired. Written by Patrick Todoroff. 

The game is played solo or coop against an AI enemy. Nightwatch adds a lot to the campaign element, lacking in Hardwired. Added are level progression for heroes and boss monsters. In the YouTube video we look at artwork, fluff, rules and compare with the Hardwired and Zona Alfa systems.

We also had Patrick Todoroff visit the Discord server for a talk about his work and hobby life. A nice talk, turned into a podcast - Garage Talks ep1

Youtube video
Check out the full preview video right here on the blog og proceed over to YouTube.


  1. Nice preview Bloodbeard !


  2. Cool! I really enjoyed Hardwired and liked the system a lot. I think adding a campaign element to it could create an excellent game.