8 September 2020

Frostgrave 2nd edition - filmed book preview and new warband

As something new I want to do a book preview / flip-through of all the new books I get. So last Sunday I made a good coffee and sat down with Frostgrave 2nd edition. 

I've read it a couple of times as a PDF to write my long-read review. But haven't actually enjoyed the physical book (as it was delayed in the mail). I like the tactile feeling of real books. So was looking forward to doing this one. 

These live previews is run over on Twitch and viewers can come with input and questions in the chat. I was quite nice. 

The Youtube version of the preview is now online. Go check it out, if you're still waiting on your Frostgrave 2nd edition book - it's really nice.

In the video I also show some of the models I've found for my new warband. Gonna run a Thaurmaturge witch and demon hunter. With a band of zealots. I've found some good models for it. Looking forward to painting them up.

Disclaimer: Osprey Games send me a copy of the book for free.

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