7 October 2020

Unboxing: UrbanMatz pre-painted terrain

 As part of the preparation for Horisont Con (that Covid19 have now moved to May 2021), we got a good deal on mats from UrbanMatz. A discount for all participants in a bulk order. And we ordered a huge lot of mats from them. 

As a thank you for organizing that order, putting a bunch of money down (and it turns out eat a rather large Paypal exchange rate... damn those guys must be rich) - Urbanmatz send a long what Martin described as 'pieces unfit for sale due to damage or misproduciton'. 

I've never before played around with pre-painted and finished terrain. And I decided to make an unboxing video of the pieces. 

We cover some desert terrain, fantasy ruins, cliffs, sci barracks. Lots of cool stuff. Some I'll use directly in my games and other stuff will get a few easy upgrades. 

Check it out here. 

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