27 October 2020

Review: Frostgrave - Wizard Eye

Disclaimer: I've been send a review copy of Frostgrave: The Wizards Eye by Osprey Games

Frostgrave 1st edition is concluded! Long live 2nd edition! 
... not that any of the old expansions are now invalid, no no. But the artwork will now be made by aRu-Mor and no longer Dmitry and Kate Burmak. 

Wizard Eye is a collection of every single piece of artwork done from every released piece of Frostgrave up until 2nd edition. It's a mighty hardback tome of 256 pages a4 size - it's huge.

I've never been one for special editions of PC games and that's what I think of when thinking artwork books. I've ordered my share of special collectors editions. The Witcher, Elder Scrolls, Duke Nukem. I've gotten some artwork books from various kickstarters. They've all been given away or sold. Not enough content or depth for me. I love The Elder Scrolls series to death, Morrowind is still the most atmospheric fantasy game I've been in. But artbooks... nah, no need.

But I really wanted this book, the Wizard Eye. Why? Because I love Frostgrave, I have all the expansions and the novels. I've spend countless hours of my life in this game. And the artwork is amazing - having it all collected in one place is awesome. But this book not only has all the art. 

All the pieces comes with text, explanations of the art. There's thoughts from Joseph McCullough and words from Dmitry or Kate. This book offers a way to look at the cooperation between writer and artist. A thing Joseph mentions in the intro "I get all the credit, my name is on the book - but the success is from the entire team. The feel comes from art, editing and miniatures as well". 

I've spend time now, looking through the book twice. Just flipping through. Reading some of the pieces, not reading from cover to cover. I want to take my time. And you know what? I see new stuff, stuff I've missed despite having flipped through the rule books a hundred times.

This photo right here - the sigilist. It's the cover of The Grimoire, the spell card box and it's in one of the books. I've never once noticed the Witch in the background. And the Wizard Eye will do that, let you see new stuff.

All the double pages in the book contains art, describing a piece, showing the finished one and concept sketches. The book starts with the rulebook and each chapter will then cover an expansion. I'm in awe of this book, it shows just how big Frostgrave really is - how fleshed out the system and setting is (despite not having too much fluff written). 

I love these characters, I think it's a great strength that Dmitry and Kate have reused the wizards from the schools, seeing them again through many different situations. 

This is another kind of review than normally. There's no rules, campaign, updates or mechanics to go into. Should you get this book as a fan of Frostgrave? If you enjoy the full aspect of the hobby then yes. It's great, perfect for fans. Even if you're not into the miniature game itself, the book is just smack full of inspiration for RPGs. 

The Wizard Eye is going to live on my bedside table along some good picture books from Simon StÃ¥lenhag (Tales from the Loop etc). 

Thank you Kate and Dmitry for your contributions to this amazing setting. Thank you Osprey Games for making a collection of the art, in a publication that acknowledge and focus on this awesome amount of work. 

It's gonna be fun to see in four years where Frostgrave is and which characters aRu-Mor will have added to the universe. 

Book flipthrough
Also flipped through the book, talking some Frostgrave, showing off some miniatures and talking campaigns. 


  1. Must be a really beautiful book, thanks for the review!

    1. It's absolutely amazing. Huge. It's a tome.