4 February 2018

40k: Pox Walkers

Mutated space zombies of Nurgle! These little guys are so nice, but there's only 10 different models and I own 100 of them. That means conversions, even though they are only worth 6 points pr. model.

At some point I want all 100 models painted up and fielded along my 40 cultist models - for a complete zombie spam list. No idea if it'll work, but it will be really funny.

For the first batch of 24 models (the amount I could fit in my first 2k painted list), I've only gona for swapping out arms, weapons and heads. So there's one vanilla model of each kind and all the others have had heads, arms and weapons swapped around.

I've also gone for saving some of the cool bits in my bit box and had added tentacles and other stuff instead. Another conversion I've used is taking of a horn here and there.

Besides the conversions, I've made sure to mix the colours on clothing and weapons. So the same base model doesn't have the same colours in the same areas. For tentacles and boils I used a wet pallette and blended yellows, greens and purples. Hard to see in the photos, but those are all different colour tones.

It's an easy way to make the models appear unique.

Original on the left. The wrench club is a cool bit box, for some post apocalypse project. Added a hand from a ghoul instead.

Been using some head swaps, shortened the horn on one guy. I've changed the angle on one hammer, removed an arm for a tentacle. Added a gun to one model, don't know where that bit is from.

I actuallythink the officer jacket guy is the worst model in the batch (could be painted as a doctor I guess). The hammer is simply too big. Shortend a horn, added other weapon bits. Rearranged one tentacle arm. The head with the cap is from Mantic Stage 3a Plague units.

The rusty bayonet rifle is another bit, too cool to just stay on a pox walker. Saved one for the bit box and added some ghoul hands instead. Also took one spike of the original model.

Head swap and a hammerhead added to this one. The hammer is from some old GW dwarf warriors.

The guy with the extra arm was obvious to convert. Made one into a horn, removed an arm from the other. Also changed the weapon and made head swaps.

The old flamer club is another bit I wanted to save for the bit box, so made a hammer instead. The head on the hammer guy is made from a spike (cut off a plague marine) and a Stage 2a head (Mantic Games model).

Another Stage 2a head done here and a weapon removed.

The bionic arm is way too cool to sit on these models, so those I want to save. One have an arm from a Stage 3a and the other has a spawn tentacle. I also reposed the orginal tentacle arm on one and gave the other a ghoul hand.

As I just took out some random pox walkers (had 40 assembled at the time), I happend to jsut get one of this type. So nothing has been done to him.

The horde! 24 pox walkers ready to eat and infect the enemies. 76 to go!

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