14 February 2018

Frostgrave: Animal Encounters

There's lots of difference animals to encounter and summon in Frostgrave. I've had lots of fun collecting all the different ones. Some are old Games Workshop models from the bit box, some are toys for a thrift shop and some are Reaper Bones. I've even used some jewelry.

Some of the models have snow bases other have plain cobble stone bases (to better fit in dungeons and other settings).

But all bases have the same tufts, static grass and birch tree seed leaves - to tie it all nicely together.

Ice Toads
Big frogs with a killer jaw. I've bought a tube of super cheap 'retile' toys and used those. The small one is on a 32mm base, the other two on 40mm square. I've given the big ones an extra set of eyes - because it's fantasy monsters.

Wild Dogs
These dogs are made from Mantic Games sprue 'Plague Stage 3a'.I've used two new plastic and two old restic dogs. I've added a bit of greenstuff fur to them. They have a real ferral and starved look to them.

Two spiders are Reaper Bones, one is an old Games Workshop spider and the long legged one is actually a piece of ear jewelry. After dipping them, I've added static grass to their bodies for a gross hairy look.

The small boar is a plastic model, I think it's from Malifaux (got it in a trade). The bigger one on a 40mm base is a repainted toy.

Classic models from Games Workshop. I got these from a friend who was quitting the hobby. I just added some blood and round bases.

White Gorillas
Both these models are repainted toy gorillas. It's not high quality models, but they cost next to nothing and still have fur texture. A decent model, that you only roll once in a while.

Giant Rats
Reaper Bones rat models. Cheap as dirt and three different sculpts.

Bear and Snow Leopard
Both are from the Reaper Bones animal companion set. I think the leopard should have had some more spots painted on it, might add those one day. The bear is a nice little model, but I want cooler model one day. Like a bike Kislev bear.

In terms of Frostgrave rules I think the bear is the best summoned animal you can have i the warband.

Wolverine, Blood Crow and Badger
The Blood Crow is for use with the crow master - a soldier type.

I've written  tutorials for the trees and the ruined walls used in the background.

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