13 February 2018

Frostgrave: Photo post from Thaw of the Lich Lord 3-5.

Thaw of the Lich Lord
Here's some photos snapped during a gaming session where myself and a mate played through scenarios three, four and five in the Thaw of the Lich Lord campaign. Three very good games, where luck was with both of us. Both warbands ended on level 12 after scenario five. 

For blog posts on monsters, warbands and terrain see this section: Frostgrave.

My witch and apprentice with a summoned familiar.

A dwarf crossbowman hiding in a ruined tavern.

To men-at-arms and a treasure hunter sneaking through the city.

A player hired Rangifier facing off against a summoned Imp.

A templar fighting an imp, supported by an imp his employer is controlling.

Part of Ulterior Motives a dwarven treasure hunter and demon hunter is trying to capture a zombie - with a scroll carved into his skin.

An elven ranger taking a sniper position in a ruined water mill.

An evil knight leading two men-at-arms through the city.

The scenario 'loot the camp' became on major battle as the warbands clashed over all the treasure.

A summoner apprenticve and her henchmen about to enter the city.

A top down shot of the battlefield in scenario four.

A huge ruined wizard tower is the center of the 'Run of the Rangifier', scenario five in the campaign.

A female men-at-arms trying to stop a treasure hunter from grapping his prize. He was 'leaped' out of the situation soon after.

Not a single rangifier survived the battle, most of them slaughtered by the evil summoner (my opponent).

The summoner and her treasure hunter.

Demon hunter and treasure hunter.

A rangifier have joined my witch warband. Here seen with an infantryman, the witch himself and a knight.

Both warbands fighting over the same sarchophacus as part of their Ulterior Motives objectives.

About to 'Loot the Camp' scenario three in the lich lord campaign.

A dwarven crossbowman.

The witch about to enter the city with two of his henchmen.

A men-at-arms guarding his employer hiding in the ruin.

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