6 February 2018

Frostgrave: Tavern, Watermill and Tudor ruins

I have really fallen in love with mdf terrain, it's so quick to paint and build. And for fantasy houses at least, it has better detail than I can make myself. All my buildings are from Figurebitz run by Gary Robertson (now closed, and sold to Laser Model Store). His webshop can't really figure out selling to outside the UK, but he'll put together an order for you by email and Paypal.

These houses are for Frostgrave obviously and I already have a dew in the same style.

I use cheap rattle spray can from the hardware store. I lay out all the walls (sorted into storeys) and base coat them white. The MDF soak up a lot of paint, so the first white layer is important. When dry I give them a grey layer.

The timbered frame gets a single black layer of spray.

The roof is wolf grey (space wolf blue) from Army Painter also a single layer.

Then it's on to assembling the buildings. I want all my buildings to be ruined as it looks good in Felstadt (Frostgrave). It also make the houses a lot easier to use during games. Using my clippers I've cut away sections of the walls here and there (even on the already ruined buildings).

Lastly I have added floors to the builds. The biggest problem with a lot of MDF buildings are the interiors lacking detail. So I've cut some cardboard into different lenghts. Spray the cardboard brown. Mix another brown acryllic into the glue. It's a very easy add with the floor boards, but it does a lot for the finished model.

For easy use during games, I've added magnets between storeys and add the roof. Much easier to use during gaming.

After painting I've added crawling ivy from green flock. Dripped with superglue for better strength. Snow is a baking powder, white acryllic, PVA mix. Then all buildings have been dusted with a matt white spray at 60cm distance.

A huge building with enough internal room for actual gameplay. I cut off some of the railings on the terasse, so models can be pushed off and fall down.

Tudor house
Actually a much larger doll house that has been shrunk to 28mm size. A bit narrow, but some cool details on it. This one also came with internal stairs. The small roof in front of the main door, I've made myself. Cut from a bit of roof that I cut off while ruining the building.

I've removed the water wheel part of the model. I didn't want to build rivers and aqauducts. It's still a very nice building, with lots of cool movement options.