2 February 2018

Frostgrave: Dwarf Treasure Hunter and Demon Hunter

I bought a set og the Oathmark Dwarfs (by North Star Military Figures), same style as the Frostgrave soldier kits. I want to do a complete Dwarf Enchanter warband, using some of all the old metal and resin models I've picked up over the years. Using the Oathmark dwarfs to fill out the missing soldier types.

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Treasure Hunter
Did this guy with the Oathmark set. Used a hooded head as I found it fitting for the treasure hunter type. There's no dagger bits in the kit, so I cut of a sword and shortened it. Then glued it on the left hand. 

The kit really is a joy to work with and the 80s Fantasy Tolkien vibe is perfect.

The gear on his back is from old Games Workshop dwarf kits. The backpack is actually a bolt quiver where I've cut of the arrow part. 

For painting I went with different greens and browns for this guy, as I see him working as a ranger. He wants to hid among trees and such. 

Demon Hunter
The demon hunter is equipted with a crossbow and two-handed weapon which was a nice surpise. I've been wondering how to include this old Bugman Ranger from Warhammer in the warband. Even better, at the time of writing, I'm fighting a demon summoner.

Background house is a small cheap ruin by Figurebitz (now owned by Laser Model Store) and snow mat is by Ceri Design.

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