4 February 2018

Dungeon Saga: Hoggar and Zombie Trolls

The zombie trolls are some real big models and have a nice pose. I actually hot water bend one of them to hold the stone with both hands, but he's bend back over time. I'll do it again with the Return of Valendor troll, but will hold it in place with super glue then.

Hoggar is nice as well. You don't see zombie troll shamans that often - or living troll shamans for that matter. Reminds me a bit obout that skeleton without a jaw from an old Playstation game.

These were some of the first models I painted using The Army Painter method. But I base coated them in red and painted necrotic flest around the wounds and gashes. ... So it didn't really save any time at all.

I'm also using these Dungeon Saga models for the Thaw of the Lich Lord expansion for Frostgrave.

Dark Dungeon felt mat by Ceri Design.

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