2 May 2018

Frostgrave: Demons, Imps and Familiars

The greatest (or one of the great things) about Frostgrave is how you can use so many different models from the box of unpainted stuff.

To use as both familiars and and imps I'm using some old Wood Elf sprites from Games Workshop. The frog is also the perfect familiar for my witch. I don't know where the model is from, but it's metal and was in my bit box.

This bound minor demon is a resin faun model from Admiralty Miniatures. It's part of a bigger set of Chaos Dwarfs, I've used for a warband as well.

The band of demons that can get summoned in the game. The big green guy is an old Winged Nightmare from Games Workshop. He has since been a beast of nurgle in blood bowl, before now being a demon in Frostgrave.

The red minor demon is a Loka chess piece by mantic games. The imps are a plastic squig from Battle for Skull Pass. The other imp is a gnoblar with an added ungor head.

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