4 March 2019

TNT: V8 raiders - WIP

For our This Is Not A Test campaign a mate of mine wanted some raiders with a heavy lean towards melee combat. So after a bit of back and forth, we've decided to do some Mad Max inspired war boy raiders. But going for the Tribal rules, as that gang really seems like a tribe.

Now I didn't have bits to make sickly skinny pale boys, so these are a bit more muscular and well trained. Real brutes. In the end they also ended with a Firefly reaver feel - to me at least.

These could also be marauding raiders in the Ash Wastes of Necromunda. ... I have a few space marine bikes, I might turn into gang members in the same style as these one - that could be pretty cool.

A Warleader, Tribal Champion, Berserker, three Tribal Warriors and a Warbeast. 

The tribal warriors is based on GW pox walkers. I've taken a nice to them and cut off spikes and as many boils as I could. I've added genestealer cult heads, for that goggled bald war boy look.

I've added some spiked nasty knives to a couple of them - I think it's from from dark eldar kits.

To hide some of the cut work I've done, I've added some webbing with thick photo paper and super glue.

Also these tossers are armed with grenades instead of firearms. Though about giving them bomb spears like in Fury Road, but it would make the models a bit to cluttered. Added grenades to various places on their webbing.

As a base for the three elites I've used GW chaos marauder torsos (with the chaos symbols chopped off) and put them on Catachan imperial guard legs.

The warleader is armed with a thunder hammer (think the bit is from Kromlech). The head has a cool respirator and it had a thin hairline, so it was easy to make him bald. The head is from an unknown sprue from an OOP line of models (got the sprues as freebies from King Gmaes).

The backbanner is from the GW flaggelant kit and then I added a clock gear and small skull for the V8 cult insignia.

The tribal champion has a mantic pathfinder head and has some ww2 warlord pouches added, to hide the cut between torso and legs. The massive club is made from a plastic gear part, toothpick, string and super glue.

The beserkers is also armed with a backbanner - but I can't remember where the bit is from. But I reversed the skull on it and added a metal gear part for v8 insignia.

His one arm and his head a mantic pathfinder bits. I've also hidden the cut between torso and legs on this guy.

The beserker has a homemade club / ax. It's made from a marauder ax, cut down the shaft and added a gear from a clock. I think it has the size as a massive saw blade in 28mm scale. A brutal weapon.


  1. Nice kitbashing and conversion work. Look forward to seeing them painted.

    1. Looking forward to getting some paint on them. Start playing the game.