20 July 2019

Ghost Archipelago: Swamp Zombies and Ghouls

Swamp Zombies and ghouls made for Ghost Archipelago and Rangers of Shadow Deep. These models were part of a auction flip. Box a huge box, sorted, resold and ended up with free bits and models.

So free zombies!

Most of these came painted in that trade, so I only added a bit of color and brown varnish. I had this idea of greens growing on the zombies, from them living in a swamp. Used some green saw dust flock I found, superglued it on. I painted it over with green wash for a wet look. Turned out really nice.

The ghouls are living, mad, cannibals. So I laid of the fresh blood on the swamp zombies (would be washed off I guess) and used it on these guys. I also gave both some lizardmen bronze weapons, tied them in nicely with the tribals weapons. These guys are from the Ghost Archepelago to outcasts.

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