12 July 2019

Warband: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s / Metro 2033

Another Warband done for This Is Not A Test. I did these for a friend who's coming over for a game. He really likes the Metro PC games and has played S.T.A.L.K.E.R. as well.

I've been wanting to do a warband fitting that style myself, so it was really perfect timing.

These are being run as Caravanners from the rules, as the deal in artifacts and all that. Reclaimers could have worked as well I think.

The full starting warband is consisting of seven models. All are based in Warlord Games WW2 winter Russian bodies. All heads and backpacks are from Anvil Industries.

Leader armed with an assault rifle and bayonet. I chose an AK74 from the Warlord Games modern soldiers kit.

A lugger, a melee fighter. He's armed with a pistol and a light melee weapon. Also gave this guy a shovel (if he's run as an excavator in reclaimers).

A caravanner, standard trooper, armed with a rifle and bayonet. This guy might be upgraded with a proper sniper at some point.

An elite, a better fighter, armed with a shotgun and bayonet.

Here's another lugger, armed with pistol and light melee weapon. This guy is also bringing a bunch of molotov cocktails to the party.

A specialist starting with the up-armed skill and a light machine gun. I don't know the name of this AK variant, but with the drum magazine it looked like a support weapon.

The last guy is another caravanner armed with a simple rifle and bayonet. This guys was originally made for Last Days, but the first model I build disappeared. He might show up one day, but I got tired of looking.


  1. Great looking Stalker/metro warband. You have nailed the vibe nicely.

  2. Cyka blyat! i need some russian dudes now! Thanks for sharing, great warband and conversions

    1. Thank you Zeta. There's a good amount of russian military models out there. Both CP Models and Pig Iron Productions will get you some nice stalker styled models.