29 July 2019

Ghost Archipelago: Snake-men Statues

For one of the Ghost Archipelago Ulterior Motives you need a statue. I found some old battered, ugly painted Games Workshop lizardmen. I decided to use these for statues. Thinking these could be used a statues for Snakemen and Tribals alike.

I only had a couple of shields, so made some copies with greenstuff and bluestuff molds. Some were also missing weapons and heads - so I fixed them using bits from the Northstar Snakemen kit.

This is one of those super quick projects. Grey spray, bronze weapons and shields, brown wash, flock and done. But they'll look nice on the board, at the center of a village or in a temple.

The statues setup as a corridor leading towards a head statue.


  1. Replies
    1. These Lizardmen were my first ever Warhammer army. Such a good memory, it's nice to find purpose for them once more.