23 August 2019

Ghost Archipelago: Spiders and Flies

I freaking hate fantasy spdiers - and they are always in the games! I've hated them every since playing the first Baldurs Gate. For Ghost Archipelago and Rangers of Shadowdeep you need spiders. I've already made spiders for Frostgrave, but their bases are wrong (snow of dungeon).

Found some spider toys, glued their soft legs to some sticks, sprayed black, drybrushed some grey and added brown flock as nasty hair.

They turned out good, as they cost nothing. Might add some spider web to the branches as well, that would add to the horror.

These giant flies have been used by many other hobbyists already. They are halloween decor, come painted. I've just added some wire to them, and stock two to a base. The flies is counting as Giant Wasps in Ghost Archipelago and flies in Rangers of Shadow Deep.

This was a good little investment as I also need flies for This Is Not A Test - will make other bases for those guys. Might also use some if I ever go back to work on Nurgle stuff.

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