1 August 2019

TNT: Rad Zombies

There's a scenario in TNT called 'Pest Control', it's about clearing out some zombie nests and a lot of zombies are gonna spawn. Having planned to play this scenario as an intro to a friend trying out This Is Not A Test - I build 27 regular wasteland zombies.

Quite a lot when I already have for modern apocalypse, frozen fantasy, swamp zombies etc. So many walking dead.

Couldn't possibly use the modern ones, as the bases are all wrong.

These are build with a mix of Warlord Games Project Z zombies (got a core box very cheap once) and Studio Miniatures zombie horde. The latter are super cheap (but limited in bits) zombies. I then used all the extra heads and arms from the Warlord sprue, to spice up the Studio Miniatures zombies. In the end each of these 27 zombies have different heads (using a few Mantic ones as well).

I base coated the zombies in differerent grey and two different browns. Saved some time, by leaving one piece of clothing on (nearly) each model in base color.

I always make a zombie fitting my crashed FEMA helicopter and car.

Had a few extra Resistance Fighters (fitting the Warlord police zombie heads). Made them as ex members of my Peace Keepers. Gave the bodies some cuts with my hobby clippers.

Also made a Sacrificial Lamp who 'made it' with getting off his bomb collar - didn't do him much good.

Here's examples of Studio Miniatures updated zombies.