19 August 2019

TNT: Nuka Cola Scatter

I've been having this idea about playing a game of TNT in an old Nuka Cola factory. And twisting the intro game where you have to collect water "Tanks for Nothing" - to nuka cola instead.

I got my hands on some cool 3d printed vending machines from Thingiverse and then went hunting for other bits in the garage.

This billboard is a print I found with Google. There's a step-by-step for the billboard build here.

This is a generator from Mantics line of Battlezone terrain. I got a couple of these from way back when the did Deadzone 2nd edition.
3d printed vending machines.

The grafitti is made with wet acryllic Posca markers. A set is a bit on the pricey side (compared to what I usually work with), but perfect for making grafitti on terrain.

This is part of a tractor toy I got for free at a thrift store. Might even make a couple more of these, as it was a couple minutes worth of work.

Resin barrels and beer cannisters are from Ramshackle Games and cost only a little. There would be a maximum of 9 tokens in the scenario at one time, so that's the amount I went for. In other games they'll just be scatter pieces.


  1. Great work. This would make for a great set of objectives;

    1. That's part of the plan. Scenario specific objective markers. Love that kind of stuff, though it does take some extra hobby time. These could fit in scifi settings as well I guess.